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So far we've got a few battle reports chronicled here.  We'll keep making more though so keep checking back!  The reports are ordered newest at the top - oldest at the bottom.

IG vs WH 1500pt Capture & Control 07/08/11
IG vs ORK 1500pt Annihilation 07/01/11
BA vs TAU 2000pt Annihilation 01/07/11 Eric G's first battle report!
IG vs SM 1500pt Annihilation 11/12/10
IG vs SM 1500pt Capture & Control 07/23/10
IG/WH vs UM 2000pt Seize Ground 07/17/10
IG vs CD 2000pt Spearhead 07/04/10 James and I play the new Spearhead expansion!
IG vs SW 1750pt Capture & Control 05/07/10
IG vs ORK 2000pt Planetstrike 04/23/10 Chuck and I play a Planetstrike game in this joint battle report!
BA vs UM 1500pt Seize Ground 12/11/09 Another joint battle report!
IG vs IG 1000pt Seize Ground 11/22/09
IG vs CD 1000pt Planetstrike 11/22/09 James and I get our first Planetstrike game in!
ORK vs SW 1500pt Annihilation 10/17/09 Eric and Chuck duke it out to test out the new Space Wolves codex!
IG vs ORK 1500pt Secure & Control 10/09/09 Joint battle report!
IG vs IG 1000pt Annihilation 09/25/09 Guard on Guard action!
IG vs ORK 1500pt Secure & Control 07/03/09 The first game of WH40K played at the store on one of the new tables!
BA vs CD 1750pt Secure & Control 04/10/09
IG, AC vs CSM 4000pt Apocalypse 11/08/08 Part two of "Beer Run!"
IG, WH, AC vs CSM, CD 4000pt Apocalypse 11/07/08 Part one of "Beer Run!"
IG vs CSM 2000pt Pitched Battle 11/01/08

Warmachine / Hordes
Cygnar vs Cygnar 750pt 09/12/09
Khador vs Circle 500pt 08/16/09
Khador vs Pirates 500pt 07/24/09
Khador vs Circle 500pt 07/11/09 Paul's first Warmachine Battle Report!
Khador vs Cryx 11/29/08 Another report by Hank!
HankFirstBatrep Hank's first Battle Report!